Swept Away by the Statue of Liberty

It took me some sweet days in New York before I was able to go to the Liberty Island, no thanks to the cold, punitive and prolonged winter.  I literally pushed myself on seeing the statue because I agree with every organism’s principle living on this breathing planet that you have actually never been to New York (or the United States for that matter) if you haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty.

a selfie with lib!

a selfie with lib!

"welcome to new york"

“welcome to new york”

On the day of my visit, I was actually already feeling jittery when I reached the Battery Park and got hold of my ferry ticket that will bring me to Liberty Island.  Such jitters were of reasons I don’t know.  It took less than ten minutes for the ferry boat to reach the island.  And even before the ferry has docked, all of us passengers were already taking photos of the stupendous statue of the unsmiling expressionless green lady holding a torch.

After taking a photo, I was experiencing some strange visual mirage.  I was seeing the green lady to be smiling and seem to be uttering some words while waving its arms towards us.  And then, all of a sudden I was suffering from acoustic illusion and could actually hear the most iconic American representation of freedom and democracy singing the song of Taylor Swift entitled “Welcome to New York”.

After a short walk of the island and while taking the next ferry to bring me to Ellis Island did I realize that the experience was so breathtaking it made me hallucinate.  But further contemplation made me conclude that such irrational visions and hearing was actually due to extreme envy.

american icon!

american icon! that’s my shot! i love it!

swept away by the grandeur of this lady

swept away by the grandeur of this lady

I was green-eyed and jealous of the fact that the United States is so free, democratic and unregimented.  I was so envious of the massive opportunities and social services provided to its citizens for them to live descent lives.  I was so envious of the fact that their country is such a superpower it can actually control and influence world affairs.  And lastly, which is actually the most essential, is that citizens has the right to wear leather jackets, trench coats and fashionable layers of clothing without bursting a single sweat gland.

Taray ni Libertad!  Dyaygantik!


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