Get Sucked Into 2Cellos’ Melodic Vortex

About a month ago, I indicated in this blog that the cello is one of my most favorite musical instruments.  This post further proves why I love the sexy looking cello.

Only did I recently discovered that there is a magnificent duo who performs music covers of cool mainstream songs using the cello.  They are the Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, together known as 2Cellos.

2Cellos (photo grabbed from

2Cellos (photos grabbed from

now i'm a fan of luka and stjepan

now i’m a fan of luka and stjepan

Aside from playing magnificent music that ranges from smooth classical to mainstream pop to heavy acid metal, what is so extra cool about the 2Cellos is their stage presence.  Their playing the cello is so infectious and electrifying. Their intense facial expressions, head-banging and feet-stomping are all incredibly virtuosic.  Their playing is so passionate you could at times hear their deep breathing and actually see how the hair of their bows gets so torn. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that both looks adorable.

Now you listen to these and get sucked into some melodic vortex!

Here’s a rare mash-up of classical tune mixed with heavy metal…

Here’s the eccentric yet enjoyable routine…

Here’s their latest, something stylish and sophisticated…

Ang galing! Shet na malagket!

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