Cool Cello Sound: Start A War Cover By Dom La Nena

Aside from learning how to ride a bicycle, my other childhood frustration was learning to play a musical instrument.  If I be given a choice the two musical instruments that I would love to learn would be the piano and the cello.

Though it’s impossible to carry around, I chose the piano, because of its versatility.  For me it’s the all around instrument.  There have been a lot of magnificent songs and great musical masterpieces that were composed using the piano.

On the other hand, I chose the cello not for anything else but its aesthetics.  Since I am more of a visual person, I like the cello because it looks so classy and sophisticated.  However, I actually have yet to know a hit song or music that originated from exclusively using the sound of the cello.

dom la nena... i am envious of the her musical gift  (photo grabbed from

dom la nena with her cello…  (photo grabbed from

If I know how to play the cello, I would definitely be playing this song…

Oo na. Wala akong talent.

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