The Heirs: What Crown Are You Trying To Wear?

lee min ho

lee min ho

The Heirs strikes the balance of sunny stories about love, career, family and friendship.  This super hit TV series late last year in Korea has invaded Manila.  And it has kept me wide awake very late at night for the past week.  I watched the irresistible Tagalized (dubbed in Tagalog language) version episodes via

I guess the main reason why I am so hooked with The Heirs is because of its impressive story line.  What I most especially liked in the whole series is that the story was anchored towards a short phrase written on the essay journal by the main character played by Lee Min Ho during the early episode of the series.  He wrote, “One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown”.

This simple phrase encompasses all life issues encountered and resolved upon by all characters in the story.  And it was remarkably enlightened later on at the latter end of the story that life is a choice through a simple question as raised by the main character’s teacher by asking, “What type of crown are you trying to wear?  Was it wealth, fame or love?

The TV series has not yet concluded in the regular programming here in the Philippines and the last few Tagalized episodes are not yet available in  But because of its infectious and compelling story, I could no longer wait.  I searched the net for the last few episodes and found a couple of video-sharing websites that has the original Korean version with English subtitles.

As soon as I finished all the episodes which made me further realized that all is good in the world, I headed down to the nearest Korean store and bought myself this…

i got the green one! yummy!

i got the green one! yummy!

Tamang tama ang lasa…

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