Super Love Super Love

The mighty Dami Army must be very happy today.  This is because today is the day the fresh new single of Dami Im has been released entitled Super Love.  Being a self-confessed member of the Dami Army (I follow her in Facebook), I myself has excitedly been looking forward to this new super upbeat of a song.

The message is positive, the tune is catchy, the singer is remarkably charming and talented.  What I particularly like about the fun and fabulous video was the diversity of human race that was featured being touched by a super hero played by Dami who chants “nothing can bring us down, we got the super love”.  While my favorite line of the song would be, “I wanna breathe you in and never breathe you out”.  That is just boom brilliant!!!

This song will definitely be the constant tune inside my house for the next several days! Super Love it!

Katulad ng palaman lang sa tinapay, Spred da Super Lab!

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