A Senseless Airplane Recurrence That Makes Me Want To Pee

feeling excited in one of my travels...

feeling excited in one of my travels…

It’s my nth travel abroad yet my first time to the United Stated of America.  Statistics reveal that travelling through air has been the safest if compared to the number of accidents that has happened on water and on land.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is because I just wanted to essay a mindless yet constant observation every time I am on an airplane.  Wonder what is it? 

Here’s what usually happens…

Inside a commercial flight prior to take off passengers are busy with their own affairs and matters.  Some are saying a prayer, some are reading, some has gone snoring, some are on their phone expressing cheerio to a loved one left behind, some are taking each others photos while others are busy locating a slot where they could place their bulky carry-on luggage.

But what is so consistent as if it is an automatic occurrence every time the plane has actually taken off and the flight captain has turned off the seat belt sign, somebody among these passengers would stand up and proceed to the lavatory.  I don’t know why but this scenario of seat-belt-off-standing-up-proceeding-to-lavatory right after take off no matter if the airplane is full or half-filled has always been a recurrence in all of my flights.

It is so common, predictable and recurring that it actually makes me want to pee in laughter.  It is so common, predictable and recurring that if it does not happen, it worries me that something bad will happen.

Nakakamangha… nakaka-ihi! 

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