Dami Im and The Best Judges’ Ovation

damiimarmyI told myself that I would only write about Dami Im when she has been proclaimed the winner of X Factor Australia this year.  But with the amazing talent that Dami Im has just shown in the grand finals night tonight, I could not contain myself to not write about it anymore.

Being a self-proclaimed member of the Dami Army let this blog be a portal for dear Australia to know that one world class talent and superstar is in the person of Dami Im.  It would be a crime if she won’t win the X Factor Australia 2013.

So to dear Australia, I hope you vote for Dami Im!!!  Here’s her last performance that would surely seal the deal.  This video I suppose also contains the best judges’ ovation of any talent show in the world.

Winner or not, I will definitely miss her when the show ends…


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