The Fault In Our Stars: Superb!

the fault in our starsThe book entitled The Fault In Our Stars is so superb I want to hate it.  Reasons…?

  • The characters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters were neither glossy nor sugar-coated.  Also, I am totally captivated by the character of Isaac.  The presentation of these characters were so raw they seemed so real.
  • It made me cry— as in from quiet tears to full sobbing.  I actually threw first towards the sky and cursed John Green (the author) for writing such a light yet tragic yet beautiful novel.
  • It gave me a different perspective about cancer stricken people.  That these people’s lives can also be fun, playful and meaningful at the same time despite being in a horrific circumstance.
  • The plot is simple yet the healthy doses of lessons and life’s views depicted in the story will hit you in the gut.
  • The book made me loved and adored my imperfections.  It made me realize that the “world is not a wish-granting factory” and my imperfections make me a just human being.
  • I lost one weekend and did nothing else but read because I was so hooked I could not put the book down.  No I was not hooked, I was floored by it!
  • And lastly, I hate this book because it blew me away and to say that I love this book would be an understatement!

Ito ang librong simpleng hebigat.

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