A Letter to Akihito (Again)

sakura 2012

cherry blossoms from my last year’s adventure

Once again, to His Royal Highness who sits on the Chrysanthemum Throne,

Ohayou gozaimasu.

I, the Delicious Earthling is writing you again to let you graciously be aware that I will visit your splendid empire for the second time.  No worries must be felt for I don’t intend to inflict harm nor wreak havoc towards your courteous dwellers.

In fact I, the Delicious Earthling, totally adored and fancied the experiences and adventures the last time I was in your delightful kingdom.  However, in my upcoming trip one worry has been lingering since the time I decided to be back.

It’s your ever famous Cherry Blossoms.  I learned and led to believe from various readings and manuscripts that the full bloom of these illustrious flowers has already fallen off the branches on the day of my arrival.  Therefore and unlike my previous correspondence (press LINK) to you when I demanded three requirements that your dwellers need to ensure, I instead will be petitioning for only one single yet simple demand.

I want your kingdom to ensure that fresh Cherry Blossoms are still on the sturdy trees right in its proper branches.  If not then I guess you will have to make use of your powers to impose that fresh cherry blossoms are glued and fixed on their respective branches.

I suggest you summon your people to stick and glue these flowers with cooked grains of your sticky tasty rice to keep it in their respective places.   Otherwise, this will be the source of disappointment by the Delicious Earthling.

Your Comrade in Wealth,

The Delicious Earthling

nengkoy from last year's trip

nengkoy from last year’s trip

As yuswal di paiiwan ang Nengkoy

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