Out My Window This Morning Was The Bow Of God

A lot of folks – me included – get so excited seeing a rainbow in the sky.  I know that rainbow is just but a wonderful result of a climate condition and has nothing to do with luck.  But rainbows don’t appear often that is why seeing it invokes joyful hope and optimistic promise.

This is what I exactly felt when I woke up this morning, rose from my bed, looked out my window and saw this brilliant display of colors in the sky.

the bow of God

the bow of God

if you'd look closer it's actually a double rainbow

if you’d look closer it’s actually a double rainbow

I would like to believe that seeing it is a sign from the cosmic universe that something wonderful – may it be divine providence or good fortune – is ahead.  For me, seeing a rainbow has always been a delightful, ethereal and inspiring experience.

Swerte, akin ka! 

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