Janine Tugonon: She Grows In You

janine tugonon

janine tugonon

Odd as it may seem, but I could equate Janine Tugonon, this year’s Philippine representative to the Ms. Universe pageant, to a Hot & Sour Soup.

At first sip of this Asian soup, you wouldn’t like it.  The hot and sour taste would swiftly burst into your mouth which could result to some contortions on your face.  But when you would have your second and succeeding sips you will start to realize that this soup is actually very tasty and delicious.  Your taste buds would simply crave for more.

Just like Janine Tugonon.  She would simply grow in you.

Here in the Philippines, at the early stages when Tugonon won the right to represent the Philippines in this year’s most coveted beauty pageant, a lot speculated that it is not going to be a 3-consecutive-year feat for the country (in 2010 Venus Raj placed 4th runner up while last year Shamcey Supsup placed 3rd runner up).

But after watching the preliminaries of Ms. Universe 2012, you would start to realize that the Tugonon-bashers in the past could actually be very wrong.  One YouTube commenter even wrote that there’s a bit of Raj, Supsup and Quiambao (1999 1st runner up) in her.

If you want to see what I mean, watch this goosebumping video and let Ms. Philippines grow in you…

Wow! The crowd’s gone crazy when it’s her turn!  I hope she won’t bring home the bacon for I wish that she bring home the crown. Hahaha!  Good luck Ms. Philippines!

May laban ang bruha!

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