Receiving Flyers is a Measure of Looking Rich

recent flyer i was handed with

Distributing flyers inside a mall or out on the street is such a daunting task.  But are you the type who easily gets pissed off when a stranger tries to hand you a piece of flyer when all you wanted to do is to proceed to the nearest coffee shop to grab your espresso?  Or are you the “deadma type” (feigning unawareness type) who would just proceed with your hasty pace so as to carry on with your weekend shopping of your essentials?

I’m neither both.  In fact I am pleased when a stranger hand me a flyer.  This is especially true when the leaflets or brochures being handed over are about offerings for platinum credit cards, exclusive gym memberships, condominium units, 3-bedroom houses or even luxurious cars.

I fancy being handed with these brochures and flyers because it looks like I am perceived to be a capable soul of buying and paying for these expensive products.  In short, I look rich!

That is why I hate it when I am with Ate Gaying (my elder sister) inside a mall because every time we come across a distributing Flyer Dude or Dudette she is the one being handed over with these well printed brochures.  She would simply utter and tell me, “Ay, ako ang binigyan.  Mukha ka kasing mahirap” (Translation: “Oops, I’m the one given.  It’s because you look poor”).  This would simply be the moment I would execute my villainous stare with angry gritting teeth towards the flyer-giver.

So, every time you are handed with a promotional flyer, accept, smile and be glad about it.  It’s because you simply look rich.

Kahit sa pagtanggap ng flayer, pinapasosyal ko sarili ko. Hahaha!

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