Arabic Calligraphy Names: A Bright Idea

While I was searching and relying on the powers of internet for an idea on what would be my suggestion to my family’s uniform t-shirt design for Christmas (which by the way has been part of my family’s tradition to wear on Christmas Eve), I stumbled upon an awesome Facebook page.

I wanted our t-shirt design this year to bear our beautiful family’s surname in Arabic calligraphy.  I surfed on through the internet but there seem to be very limited source where I could adopt my surname written in classic Arabic calligraphy.

Thanks to Arabic Calligraphy Names, a Facebook Community Page, developed by an artist and graphic designer named Nihad Nadam.  By “liking” this amazing community page through your own Facebook, you can actually have the chance that your name be chosen and written in Arabic calligraphy form.  What is more remarkable is that Nadam’s work is FREE of charge.

My surname was luckily picked (since I accumulated significant numbers of “likes” on my request/comment) to be written in calligraphic form.  And in just a couple of hours Nadam, the Genius, had it published on the community page for me to see, download and adopt.

Here is how it looked like…

Through the help of my officemate Frankie (who is an equally awesome graphic artist), this is how my first t-shirt design suggestion looked like which I presented to my crazy relatives…

 Thanks Mr. Nihad Nadam! I tremendously adore your work…

Galing ‘di ba?!

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