Nengkoy on Facebook, Ella on Youtube

Its official! At 75, Nengkoy (my mother) is now a netizen.  She is now an official Facebook member.  Miggy, one of her grandsons signed her up while me, my sister Joy and elder brother Wreigh patiently taught her how things are done in Facebook.  I can’t believe how fast Nengkoy gets the heck out of Facebook.  She was actually chatting with my niece Erika who’s based in Japan in minutes after she was signed up!

nengkoy’s present profile picture

Being so used to snail mail, she was so surprised how fast a message can be sent and received by the recipient who’s at the other end of this planet.  We were laughing when she remarked, “Ang bilis naman dumating sa Japan!

While teaching her how things are done on Facebook, we were watching the X Factor Philippines 2012.  I was a bit disappointed with the judges and the contestants considering that the show is already on its last stretch.  I don’t want to sound like a sore thumb but I do not feel the X factor vibe from the contestants and I find the judges too corny, retardedly emotive and enormously cheesy.  I wanted to throw my expensive slippers on the TV screen.

The show is so unlike the 2012 British version.  Their version doesn’t look for the best singing voice, the most gorgeous looking neither the financially-challenged contestant who gains mercy from the viewing public to win. They are looking for the elusive X factor!  The judges are naturally cool and their show has more soul and essence.  They were looking for somebody like the 16-year-old, Ella Henderson.  She does not possess a pretty face, a drop dead gorgeous body neither a spotless singing voice.   But when she sings you know you she exudes the brilliant X factor.

Watch how Ella moved the judges and wowed the crowd…

I’m pretty sure, Nengkoy will post Youtube videos like this in her Facebook account in the future.

Congrachuleysions kay Nengkoy at Ella.  Pareho kayong may eks paktor.

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