Nengkoy Blog: 6th Year Anniversary

According to my dubious computation based on the mathematical formula of space-time distortion combined with quantum mechanics, the total number of posts in this blog since the time it started is actually equivalent to a very short period of time as compared to an average yet more popular blog.

Putting it in simple words, the number of posts in this blog is too few.  Reason? The only time I post a piece of writing is when my leisure time has a leisure time.

Still and all, I am proud that this blog managed to reach considerable years of existence.  Today, June 20, 2012 Nengkoy (blog) is six years old!

me & nengkoy with 6 reindeers…
each reindeer represents a year of this blog

Let me thank all those who looks forward in reading a post in this blog; those who clicked the “like” button at the end of each post; those who took time in writing a “comment” at the comments section; and, those who cared to follow this blog.  You just don’t know how delighted I am every time “interactive” occurrences happen in this piece of blog.

Thanks and happy reading!

Anim na taong kalokohan, ka-engotan at kaartehan… Salamat! : )


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