Bunot Exercise Work Out

the native floor polisher

A lot of contemporary studies reveal that the cause of this generation’s obesity is due to modern technology.  People nowadays has very limited physical activities for they spend considerable amounts of their time in front of a computer or a state-of-the-art gadget.  Add to this are the sizeable amount of growth hormones injected on various foodstuff which the people of today consumes – noxious fried chickens, lard infested French fries, vein-blocking hamburgers and the likes.

But let me add another imposing reason why the citizens nowadays are plump, corpulent and overweight.  This is because bunot is no longer available in the market.  The ever reliable coconut husk commonly known as bunot used to polish our household floorings may it be made from cement, of natural stone or of fine timber virtually vanished and seems to have been wiped out in all our nearby stores.

No thanks to the invention of electric-run floor polishers, floor washing robots, wood polishing chemical formulas and lamella-layered veneer flooring tiles because we no longer exert the physically demanding effort of polishing manually our floors.

Polishing the floors then was such a calorie-burning episode! First, is to sweep the floor to get rid of dusts and small boulders that may be present on the floor.  Then, manually wiping the floors with bars of floor wax using a cloth, then, setting it for a couple of minutes for the wax to dry up.  Then, the severely demanding “pagbubunot” or pushing back and forth the coconut husk against the floor lodged at the palm of your foot and using the other foot to firmly step on the floor to maintain balance.  To maintain the multiple polishing movements of the legs and feet, the arms and shoulders needs to be of the opposite swaying movement while the body’s torso needs to maintain a 90 degree angle against the horizontal floor. Polishing is done using your foot and your leg pushing the bunot back and forth until the desired gloss and shiny-ness of the floor has been achieved.  Describing and writing how “pagbubunot” is done already makes me sweat!!!

I suppose bunot is basically one of the reasons why the generations in the past are sexier, leaner and are well in shape even if there were no expensive fitness centers in the past and liposuction procedures were yet to be invented.  Possessing a plump belly and flabby humps were something that is rather rare among the populace in the past.

So, if every citizen on this planet wants to keep fit and wants to achieve a lean, slim and sexy body, I propose that “bunot” be reintroduced back in all our nearby retail stores.  Besides, it’s earth-friendly, ecologically conservative, green and biodegradable.

Bunot lang ang katapat ng bilbil mo, hindi pasta.

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