Idolizing an 83-Year-Old Dude

Watching the full recorded YouTube video of Day 2 of the impeachment trial of Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Renato Corona made me fully awake until the video ended. Battle of the brains and the not so brainy practitioners of the law raged on.

One thing is definite after watching the video I was made and transformed to become a fan and admirer of the chief lawyer for the defense, former Associate Supreme Court Justice Serafin Cuevas.  I was in awe on how mentally sharp 83-year-old Cuevas delivered his stand.  He was articulate, extemporaneous and was in full control of his thoughts and reasoning based on logic, provisions of the Constitution and the prevailing laws on due process.

Judging from the video and listening to Cuevas, I saw glimpse of how the Senator-Judges (especially Senator Lito Lapid) has gone amazed and astonished with the way Cuevas delivered his quick-witted manifestations. I myself was nuts about how Cuevas aired out and stressed his keen points and antithesis. Watching Serafin Cuevas perform him duty was an eye-opening experience, that when a person reached old age one should keep the pizzazz and sparkle in everything that he or she does.

I pray to God that I would be blessed with the same acumen when I reach that age.  Two things though, Atty. Cuevas badly needs a good stylist and a more decent haircut.

Aydol kita Manong…

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