Fun Philippines

“More” is defined as being greater in quantity, measure or degree.  This word entails a person to compare, match and equate at least two elements so as to conclude which is of greater quantity, measure or degree.

This is the very word that seems to bother me with the newly launched tourism slogan of the country – It’s more fun in the Philippines.  The word “more” in the slogan would tend to drive the tourist to compare the country with other tourist destinations which for me need not be.  I being a tourist in some points in my life cannot compare the sights and experiences of other destinations for these places and their events possess distinct and unique qualities.

Thus, one should never say that a certain destination like the Philippines is “more” fun than the others.  For me, only immature tourists would compare one destination and his experiences to that of other places and events on the planet.

It is indeed and no doubt fun and interesting to travel, see and experience the Philippines but personally I need not compare or match it to other tourist destinations.  I am proud of the Philippines but comparing and saying there’s more fun here seems a bit juvenile. Sorry but due to the word “more”, it created a speckle of reservations on me concerning the new slogan if I would totally welcome and help justify such pronouncement about my country.

It could have been better if the Tourism Department just simply say “Fun Philippines”.  It’s simple, uncomplicated, non-pretentious and undemanding.  Yet, it’s classy, refined and world-class in thought.

Pwedeng paki rebays ng konti?

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