My My Sharona Itch

There are two events I always remember every time the song My Sharona by The Knack is played on the radio.  First is when I was still a young soul – who is not yet ear-fatigued from club music – me and my sister Jocel would make sure to proceed to the dance floor in high spirits to strut and bop every time the DJ plays this mind-blowing tune.   Second is the amazing scene in the movie Reality Bites when the song was played inside a convenience store and was asked by Jeanene Garafolo to turn up the music for them to hoof, twist and hustle.  After watching that scene, I always itched and wondered how it feels like to sing and dance freely along the aisles of a grocery store.

Today, I caught a Youtube video that somehow animated my secret wonder.  It’s Sara Bareilles (who claimed to have difficulty doing the dance routine) strutting her stuff inside a Mexican supermarket. It’s so insane!! It made me laugh at the end of the video because the last scene would most likely what would happen to me in case I would take the risk of fulfilling this infatuation.

Oo, aym so wird…

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