Look Up Below

Six weeks ago, while waiting to locate my naturally recurring state of reduced or absent consciousness called sleep, I watched a number of videos via YouTube.  I was lucky enough to stumble into watching two of the ten short films produced by Nestle Philippines.  Nestle’s collection of short films released simultaneously a couple of months back is dubbed as Kasambuhay Habambuhay in celebration of Nestle’s 100 years of existence in the Philippines.

Three weeks ago, while in the middle of a Management Committee Meeting, Malou Domingo my office’s Marketing Manager, out of the blue whispered to ask me if I have seen Nestle’s collection of short films released this year.  I whispered back and told her that I have seen two of the films that starred John Lloyd Cruz in one (entitled: Sign Seeker) and Marvin Agustin with Kaye Abad in the other (entitled: Unplugged).

Last night while waiting for sleep to seep and leach onto my being, I was able to watch (still via YouTube) the other Nestle short films featured.  I was able to see the other four of it.

I have yet to see the other two, but the last film I saw last night touched the tender-most region of my emotion.  It is the film directed by Henry Frejas entitled “Tingala sa Baba”.  It is a light satire that depicts the lopsided life of the rich and poor.  The film gave me goose bumps especially the delightful scene when the poor boy descends while the rich boy was lifted up the seesaw.  The goose bumps in my skin were so distinct it was like Braille on my arms that reads “Amazing!”

There are tons of socio-economic and socio-political paradoxes depicted in the film presented in a smart, creative and entertaining yet subliminal manner.  The film can also be depicted as a portrayal of reaching a dream; of personal acceptance; of friendship regardless of social strata; and, of life’s contrariness on the concept of happiness.

The main characters were brilliant!  The actor who portrayed the rich kid is so adoring!!! The film does not have big stars neither have complex settings, yet it will twist your thoughts and make you very emotional in the end.

Check the film below and I hope you be amaze the way I do.  Also, at the end of the film, try to figure out which end of the seesaw are you actually seated.  Are you a Renzo or an Angelo?

Aber, aber, aber. Saang dulo ka ng siso naka upo? Di pwede sa gitna, maiipit ka.

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