The Tsunami Walk

I noticed for the past few days Shamcey Supsup, the reigning Ms. Philippines-Universe 2011 is constantly among the top trending name/topic in Yahoo Philippines.  This prompted me to seek out how did Shamcey performed in Brazil during the pageant’s preliminary run.

I was surprised to learn that the charming Filipina is considered a top contender for the crown.  She is absolutely stunning!  In almost all Brazilian news features that discusses about the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, Shamcey seem always included.  I suppose this may signify that she is one of the favorites and may actually be the lady to beat.  So much so, the beautiful and now elegant Shamcey actually possess a unique way of walking, now tagged as The Tsunami Walk.

Those swaying hips can actually create waves of mass destruction!

The Tsunami Walk is an elegant way of gaiting with unique swaying of the hips that result to distinctive poise, bearing and attitude, in which, in the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, only Shamcey Supsup can deliver.

If Shamcey Supsup lands the title of Ms. Universe 2011 – which I predict is very likely to happen – I won’t be surprised if upcoming patimpalak ng kagandahan (beauty pageants) during town or barrio fiestas participated by pretty ladies or Bekinese speaking population of the land will strut ala The Tsunami Walk.

Para kang SM Shamcey… “Yu gat it ol!” 

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