Blown Away by The Lion King

me & nengkoy inside the sands theatre

I will no longer wonder why The Lion King (Musical) won seven Tony Awards in 1998 including Best Musical and Best Direction of a Musical.  I, Nengkoy and a few of my relatives were able to catch and watch it in Sands Theatre inside the stunning Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

It was actually the event that gave me the reason to journey back and revisit Singapore.  True enough the spectacular theatrical experience never disappointed us.  For a moment a sense of guilt came over me that the other members of my family weren’t there to enjoy the amazing and awe inspiring performance.  How I really wish that I can bring everyone there to see the glorious colors, breathtaking effects and enchanting music.

Aside from the spellbinding music and unbelievable visual stimuli of the set design and costumes, what I particularly like about The Lion King is the simple story line.  It is lighthearted and never preachy.  It does not attempt to move you to tears nor be subjected to an emotional roller coaster ride.  But ironically, the show nearly moved me to tears and gave me a delightful emotional roller coaster ride.  I was happy!  It is nothing but pure fun, genuine giggle and overwhelming enjoyment that would be best felt and experienced with the members of your family.

When the ensemble waved goodbye and the curtain went down right after the show, the uncontrolled words I uttered were… “I’m blown away!”

Peyborit ko yung dyirapi!!!

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