4th Year!!!

This blog is not very popular.  This blog has not received any recognition.  This blog has few readers.  This blog stinks and is out of this world.  But this blog is 4 years old, or 29 in dog years.  And I don’t have plans of stopping yet!  I fairness, I think I made some pretty nice articles over here.

Four years ago, I let the world know that I am a “blogger”.  At that time I had no idea where this would take me or what would do with it, all I knew was that I has some crazy ideas to share.

It’s not every day you turn 4 years old.  In fact, it is only one day ever, and that day is today for Nengkoy – this blog!  Whether you come to liken this site or totally hate it, here’s to a healthy fourth year.

Apat na taong kabaliwan!!!

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