The Bella Flores Complex

Peter Pan complex, Oedipus complex, Elektra complex and Napoleoan complex are some of the eponymous psychological complexes commonly known by the general public.  But one unrecognized psychological complex is slowly emerging in Pinoy society.  It has a distinct characteristic theme that illustrates a well defined set of mental factors.

People with this type of psychological complex are described as having the compulsive need to crush other people’s dreams with a non-murdering persona.  They see cruelty as their only way to get attention.  They enjoy seeing sweat coming out of people’s pores when they exhibit their rage and fury.  They ferociously take pleasure in making other’s lives miserable through mental tactics, dark intentions and scheming manipulations.  They are obsessed with their object of slavery’s bodily parts in which they have the compulsion to make “sampal” (face slapping), “pingot” (ear pinching) and “sabunot” (hair pulling).

In conformity with other psychological complexes being eponyms (naming after a person or character) and to pay tribute to the most popular and notorious villainess in Philippine cinema this psychological complex is called The Bella Flores Complex.   

Pipingutin ko ang taong walang kilala na merong Bella Flores Complex!

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