Thanks Ref!

Forty eight years ago, owning a television or a refrigerator is very rare in a Pinoy household.  During this era, clean drinking water in the Philippines is stored in a tapayan (a huge and heavy clay jar) for it to get refreshingly cold.

Also forty eight years ago Nengkoy said the magic words “I Do” to Joe inside San Rafael Parish Church in Pasay.  Yes, June 9, 2010 celebrates the 48th wedding anniversary of Nengkoy and Joe (my mom and dad).

I still remember the hilarious moment when I was still a little kid, my brothers and sisters curiously asked my dad what made him fell in love with Nengkoy.  He would jokingly say… “kasi merong refrigerator sa bahay ng nanay nyo kaya ko sya niligawan at pinakasalan!” (It’s because there’s a refrigerator in your mom’s house that is why I pursued and marry her).

I know my dad was joking but thanks to that refrigerator!  If not for it I would have not been born and live a ‘delicious’ life! Thank goodness Nengkoy did not just own a tapayan!  Hahaha!

Kung nagkataon, walang delicious na tulad ko ngayon!

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