Travel Young

I am glad to have come to Morocco while I’m relatively young and healthy because going around that country is no big joke.  It requires good physical stamina.

The flight takes at least 19 hours to travel from Manila to Casablanca.  It takes 4 hours via train ride to travel from Casablanca to Marrakech.  It takes 6 hours back and forth to traverse from Marrakech to Essaouira crowded inside a grand taxi with 5 other passengers.  It takes at least 2 days to tour around the outskirts of Marrakech to visit the Berber towns and the magnificent provinces of Merzouga, Dudades and Ouarzazate to finally get to Sahara.  It takes a 30-minute camel ride to get into the edge of the Saharan dessert from Merzouga.  It takes a 7-hour train ride from Marrakech to Fes.  It takes 4 hours to commute via train ride from Fes to Casablanca.  It takes another 19 hours air travel from Casablanca to be back to Manila.

With all these rides and travels, I have not even counted the yards, meters and kilometers of traversing the streets, valleys, gorges and narrow alleys of Morocco (especially the old medinas) that me and my friends have been to.

I am not complaining because along all these travels comes the unforgettable and spectacular experiences I had in this marvelous north western part of Africa.  While travelling and moving around the country, I simply fed my senses and work my glutes.

I am so thankful that I travelled early unlike other people who put off travel until retirement.  I may not have saved a lot and not yet financially secured but I don’t want to consign the most active years of my life to drudgery.  I don’t want to sacrifice today’s freedom for a future that will always remain uncertain, no matter how I carefully plan for it. 

I’m not saying that everyone sitting in an office or busy with ther respective jobs should drop everything and take off for north Africa.  I’m saying that if you want to see the world, plan for it and do it as soon as possible.  The experience will give you the spunk, courage and inspiration you need to survive being a full-grown human being.

Tara na! Gala na tayo!

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